Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cutting the beef -- hands-on eco-kosher

The woman on the right is my friend Devora Kimelman-Block. She's surrounded by beef as part of her effort to get kosher meat that is organic and locally and humanely raised. This is not the kind of meat you can find even in a kosher butchery.

That's something that would stop most people. But Devora is the kind of amazing person who just doesn't let anything stop her. So she went out and found the sources and people to get what she needed.

The picture is from a front-page story ("Eco-Kosher Movement Aims To Heed Tradition, Conscience") in Saturday's Washington post. It quotes Devora:

"I'm very interested in my children having a relationship with where their food comes from," said Kimelman-Block, 36, who has two daughters and a son, ages 2 to 7. "I just think it's an important part of what I'm teaching them that we go out to this farm and we know the farmer and we help plant the potatoes and help pick the strawberries."

Go Devora!

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