Monday, February 04, 2008

A true Web (and cycling) pioneer is dead

I was saddened today to hear that Sheldon Brown had died (apparently from a sudden, massive heart attack). I never met the man, but his Web pages taught me half of what I know about bicycles. The fact that they were so old-fashioned looking is a testament to what a pioneer he was -- Brown was using the Web to educate others back in the days before we had fancy editing programs to make everything look pretty. I have always found the plain look of his pages comforting -- it was a reminder that it was content that really mattered, not the flash. And Brown's content was always good. Lots of great info, well organized.

May his memory be a blessing.


For a really beautiful hesped about Brown, see this inspiring post from his colleague at Rivendell bikes. Here's a few words from it:

…whatever Sheldon was interested in he became expert at. But unlike many experts who flaunt it and use it to make those who knew less feel stupid, Sheldon was a humble educator. Is there anything better to be? I think there isn't. Is there anybody who has helped more people, solved more problems, and contributed more enthusiasm and knowledge about bikes to more people?

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