Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recovery time

With bike riding, they say that the thing that declines most as you get older (47-year-of-age I am) is not how fast or how far you can go in a single day -- it's how much time it takes you to recover after a ride. So, after two days of riding at the beginning of the week left my legs feeling like rubber, I was wondering if I would feel recovered today.

I'm happy to say that on a two-hour mid-day ride (with about 900-feet of climb), today, I felt pretty strong. (I was able to take a "long lunch" today because I had went into work early for some meetings, etc., and I have to stay until 9pm tonight to teach my class.)

The ride itself was what has become my favorite standard route -- going up into the hills to the south of here. A beautiful place in any season, but sometimes I love winter best. . . It was, however, a shock to me (when I left it was sunny and almost spring like) when I found snow falling upon me from grey -- and windy! -- skies! It was warm enough that it wasn't sticking, though.

It was fun!

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