Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peace, love, nyc, children and (cargo) bikes

Greenwich Village was a children's paradise when I hit Sixth Avenue a little before 9 this morning. Parents and grandmoms were seen walking their excited, happy little ones to school in the bright sunshine. But some of the kids weren't walking This (unhelmeted!) mom has her two little ones on a cargo bike (would you call it a tricycle when it has two _front_ wheels?). I love the flowers and the birds in the _cargo_ basket! (Almost a _hippy_, peace and love touch).

Of course, I really _do_ think bicycles are about peace and love -- it's such a kinder way to treat the earth to be able to live a lifestyle where getting around doesn't always mean burning more hydrocarbons. And it's kinder to your body, too!

I have to admit that I haven't been on a bicycle, myself, in about a month now, although most days I walk to work or school (or synagogue). I need to work harder to motivate myself to get on the "two wheels!"

I also saw one woman this morning on a little two-wheeled, folding scooter with her child standing in front of her (sorry I didn't get a better pic of her, but, if you look real hard, you can see her kid's legs on the front of the scooter in the pic on the right). And, yesterday, I saw a couple carrying their kids (and their gear for work after they dropped the kids off) on two bikes -- one of which was an Xtracyle!

It's really so incredible how bicycles have become a more normal part of New York with all the bicycle lanes and paths and such they've built! ישר כח ("more power to you!") bicyclists of New York!
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