Sunday, April 18, 2010

Night moves

Doing as much as possible by bicycle has always been a dream for me. So, when Shabbat got out last night, I was excited to start moving into our new place (only about a half mile away) by taking a few loads over via my Xtracycle.

Here's a closer view of the bike loaded

From Moving 2010

Note that the Xtracycle"Wideloaders" (see below pic) are installed on both sides, which allowed me to strap on the large plastic containers (normally I don't ride with the Wideloaders on).

And so here is me about getting ready to get the bike going . . . . . it wasn't so easy to get it started rolling with so much loaded on it (before it's moving it kind of wants to tip to the right or the left and it takes some effort to hold it upright)!

From Moving 2010

It was a fun challenge!

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