Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs of Pesach -- 'herbs' grow!

With only about s week to go before Passover, it's probably over-optimistic to hope that these little guys (lettuces and such) will yield something for our seder plate. Still, I'm so excited to see them sprouting in our little back yard that I can't help but be hopefull!

More realistic is the hope that the below (a horseradish we planted last year) will yield something to dip in (bitter herbs!) for the seder plate. The roots may only be small (you are really supposed to wait two years before harvesting horseradish), but I think it will still feel very special to have something from our own garden to celebrate Judaism's great spring holiday -- the Feast of Freedom!

May your Pesach be a meaningful and healthful one, one full of joy and liberation -- as if you yourself were brought out of mitzrayim!

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