Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot city, hot bikes

It was truly broiling today as I walked to the subway this afternoon in New York amid the near-record temps, but I still stopped to take a pic of this strange thing (one thing I love about cycling is seeing all the creativity people put into modifying bikes to different tasks). I think it's a tandem that's been converted into an electric (front hub) cargo bike. ..... At least I think the homemade part of the setup below is meant for carrying large amounts of cargo, although it's hard to be sure.

From New York Cargo Bikes

Speaking of homemade setups, here is a pic (circa 1947) of Minna's Mom on a homemade child seat her father made for the back of this bicycle.

And here's another shot of today's cargo find.

From New York Cargo Bikes

Shabbat Shalom


P.S. If anybody ever tells you that a rainbow never grows in Brooklyn, I have this pic from the other day (that I snapped on the way back to my Brooklyn sublet from the subway) to prove different.

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