Thursday, November 09, 2006

A long wait

יום חמישי י''ח בחשון תשס''ז

It's been so long . . . I've been disappointed so many times. I didn't even dare to dream it could really happen. But, I think I'm ready to stop holding my breath -- it looks like it's really true. The Democrats have taken Congress.

The list is so long of all the things that have made these long days of Bush control so dark for me. . . . . But none is bigger than the pain of all the American lives lost in this ill-conceived Iraq war. It's not that I think that American lives are more important than Iraqi ones. But, I think, just by being American citizens, we make an especially solemn pledge to our people in uniform -- to never send them to risk their lives unless it is absolutely necessary. . . . . And this war just didn't meet that test. I deeply fear that it was largely carried out because of one man's psychological desire to out-achieve his father . . . . and "finish the job" his father couldn't do. . . . . But, yet, I don't believe we can blame it all on Bush. We were all complicit in some way. We all -- including the Democrats who were then in Congress and voted to give Bush the power to go to war -- let ourselves be fooled -- and intimidated and bullied -- by Bush's lies. We are to blame, too.

Dear, Lord, please be with us now. Guide us. Give us strength. Let us not squander this opportunity. Help us to make your Holy Creation a world of peace and justice. . . . Thank You for this opportunity, Lord. I pray we do not let You down.

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