Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rethinking this thing

יום שני כ''ט בחשון תשס''ז

Wow . . . It amazes me to think it’s less than a month since I started this blog – it’s so quickly become a major part of my life and spiritual practice. . . . The one-month (Jewish months, that is) anniversary of the blog falls on Thanksgiving (the Second of Kislev).. . . So, it’s a good time to look back a bit and think about what works . . and what I might change.

I think I need to back off a bit and give myself a break this week (with Thanksgiving and all) and give myself permission to miss days with posting on Pirkei Avot and the Hebrew date. . . . But I need to come back strong (but different) the week after.

I’m not exactly sure what shape that will take, but here’s what I’m thinking: I’ll keep posting a regular Torah feature every day, but instead of it being a Mishnah from Pirkei Avot every day, I will probably cut back to two or three days a week of posting from Avot. . . . The other days I will use to start some _new_ Torah features . . . Probably focusing on prayers and/or psalms. . . I’m excited!!!!

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