Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A battle won?

One of the most striking and encouraging things at the Spirituality in Health Care Education conference, today was to hear David Hufford, a decades-long veteran of educating medical students about the importance of spirituality in treating patients, say how much those students have changed over the years. Years ago, he had to start his classes with efforts to convince the students that it was worth their time to study this, he said. But students nowadays come to him already knowing it's important, and so he can move much sooner to teaching the 'how' of bringing spiritual concerns into patient treatment.

This gives me real hope that the job of integrating spiritual care into medical care will become easier in the future as the students of today become the medical care leaders of the future. And the beneficiaries will be the patients!

There was so much else that as interesting at the conference and I hope to find time soon to share some more of that here!


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