Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bob, we hardly knew ya

One of the most inspiring voices I had found among Clinical Pastoral Education supervisors was Bob Cholke of the Cooper Heath Care System. His voice had the firm and fearless sound of a prophet. In it, you heard the passion and conviction of one who believed in the work of the chaplain and of the chaplain supervisor. I was looking forward to hearing more of it and learning more from him. I expected him to become one of my key role models as my career moves forward.

Now, it turns out I won't have that chance. Bob has just passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Among Bob's survivors is his wife, Joanne Martindale, who is the Director of Pastoral Care at Ancora State Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey.

My heart goes out to her and all who cared for Bob.

May his memory be a blessing.

Information on Bob's funeral can be found here.

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