Friday, July 18, 2008

Finding the holy in the human -- this winter at Oraita

This summer of educating a group of young, student chaplains encountering the often inspiring struggles of patients against their illnesses and losses has left me with a deeper sense of the miracle that is the human spirit, a spirit that I understand as being a product of the fact that we humans were formed in the image of the divine.

So, I was so exited to hear that the focus of Oraita's next continuing education retreat for rabbis will be on this very subject -- the Divine Image (or btzelem elohim, in Hebrew). The retreat will be on January 12-15. There is generous funding available for the rabbis who attend. I had the priviledge of attending Oraita's first retreat last October and it was truly a life-changing experience.

If you'd like to know more, contact Rabbi Natan Margalit ( or by phone: 617-559-8617). Or check out the Web page at

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