Monday, September 14, 2009

Baruch Dayan Emet -- sadness at the death of the son of Israel's first astronaut

Bob Tabak, a chaplain at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania who was at the same Israeli spiritual care conference I presented at in May, posted the below on the National Association of Jewish Chaplains list, today. I share his sorrow:

I was at the 5th annual Israel Spiritual Care Conference in May.
The keynote speaker was Rona Ramon, widow of Israeli astronaut Ilan
Ramon who died in the Challenger explosion. She is one of the most
recognized Israeli public figures, and her talk about her search for
spiritual meaning, and struggling with her family after the highly
public loss was deeply moving, especially to our Israeli colleagues.

Her son, Asaf Ramon, an IDF pilot age 24 died this weekend in a
training exercise when his plane crashed. The loss to the immediate
family is shared by the Israeli society. I include a message from
Tiskofet/Life's Door, one of groups organizering spiritual care in
Israel. Our condolences to the Ramon family and to all in mourning.
Hamakom yinachem otam...

--Bob Tabak


פרופ' בן קורן, MD דבורה קורן, MSc

יושב-ראש מנכ"לית

תשקופת ומעגF

Tishkofet and Maagan communities join with our dear friend and
colleague, Rona Ramon and her family on the tragic death of Assaf.

In the absence of words, we offer our deepest feelings of support and comfort in this time of pain.

Prof. Ben Corn, MD Dvora Corn, MSc

Executive Chairman Executive Director

Tishkofet and Ma'agan

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