Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Another view of life at NYU

Yesterday, I happened to notice that the young (and non-Jewish, I believe) man sitting next to me in my "Texts of the Judean Desert" class with the venerable (and _very_ fast talking) Lawrence Schiffman appeared to be blogging _while_ taking his class notes on his computer. So, later, I went web surfing to try and find what he was writing.

Here is what he posted. Most of what he posted fits with my recollection (although I don't think he exactly understood what Prof. Schiffman was saying about the Cohen). But it comes from a _very_ different point of view than my own! (Which gives it a bit of a refreshing feel . . . . and shows a bit of just how entertaining Schiffman can be . . . he's very funny! . . and smart.)

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