Thursday, February 11, 2010

Clinical Pastoral Education not good enough for Wikipedia?

I am a fierce advocate for Clinical Pastoral Education, but sometimes I think our field is in serious danger because we don't, as whole, seem to understand very well how to talk to the rest of the world about the importance of what we do. Nonetheless, I was stunned, today, when I saw that the Wikipedia entry for "Clinical Pastoral Education" had not only been much shortened since I last saw it, but is in danger of being disappeared altogether because it is not "notable" enough.

Here's what I found at the top of the page, today:

This article has multiple issues. Please help improve the article or discuss these issues on the talk page.
Now, admittedly, I could get up off of my own butt and write a new article, myself (although, in my defense, the first two sentences of the article --"Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is education to teach pastoral care to clergy and others. CPE is the primary way of training hospital and hospice chaplains in the United States" -- were written by yours truly a year or two ago). But, I'm hoping someone else (maybe at the ACPE, itself) will step up. . . . It could be you!

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