Tuesday, October 31, 2006


יום שלישי ט' בחשון תשס''ז

. . . I am barely aware this year of this _holiday_ coming. . . . . Which is something worth reflecting on -- I see it as an indicator of how deeply immersed I am in my job and the spiritual work it involves. When you're so immersed in something so intense, you might not notice some of the things that make up important elements in the community of people around you. And, I think, for a spritual leader and caregiver, it's important to try and notice when you're _not_ noticing something big. . . like Halloween. . . . . . and so this blog entry is my way noticing that I'm "not noticing". :)

I also have barely noticed that tomorrow is my birthday. A friend sent me an "e card" this morning and I found myself wondering, "why is she sending me an e-card? What could that be about." . . . It was only when I opended it up and saw the Happy Birthday message that I realized, "oh, yeah, tomorrow's my birthday."

I've decided to stop putting the Hebrew date in the title of a blog entry every day. Instead, I'm just going to do one short "just a bit of what's going on in my life and the world" blog entry every day and to put the date in that entry at the top.

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Diane said...

Hi! Have started reading your comments, and they are very interesting.

Hope you had a Happy Birthday.

Love, Mom